Welcome to Alford Academy

Alford Academy – an Ambitious School Community

Alford Academy is a vibrant learning community, renowned for its care of, and ambition for, our young people.  Our new home, which we moved into in October 2015, is providing us with wonderful new learning spaces and fantastic opportunities to work ever more closely with our campus partners to achieve even more for our young people.

What has not changed is our vision for our young people.  Alford Academy recognises that one size does not fit all.  Our young people are born individuals and should leave school as individuals.  Alford Academy is committed to unlocking each youngster’s potential, raising their aspirations and helping them to be all they can be, in a safe, healthy and caring environment.

Senior leaders and school staff are committed to working together with pupils, parents, businesses and organisations to achieve the very best for each young person at Alford Academy.  We believe that all our young people can succeed through hard work, and we place great value on the personal development of each young person, so that they are equipped with the skills, knowledge, resilience and drive to achieve in and beyond Alford Academy.

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Angela Wotherspoon

Head Teacher

Senior Executive 2021/2022


The School Day

Period 1: 0840 - 0930Period 1: 0840 - 0930
Period 2: 0930 - 1020Period 2: 0930 - 1020
Interval: 1020 - 1040Interval: 1020 - 1040
Period 3: 1040 - 1130Period 3: 1040 - 1130
Period 4: 1130 - 1220Period 4: 1130 - 1220
Period 5: 1220 - 1310Period 5: 1220 - 1310
Lunch: 1310 - 1400Lunch: 1310 - 1400
Period 6: 1400 - 1450Period 6: 1400 - 1450
Period 7: 1450 - 1540

Term Dates Session 2021/22

Monday 16th August 2021 In-Service Day – school closed to pupils
Tuesday 17th August 2021 Start of Term 1 (pupils)
Friday 15th October 2021 End of Term 1 (pupils)
18th to 29th October 2021 October holidays
Monday 1st November 2021 Start of Term 2 (pupils)
Thursday 18th November and Friday 19th November 2021 In-Service Day – school closed to pupils
Tuesday 21st December 2021 End of Term 2
22nd December 2021 to 4th January 2022 Christmas holidays
Wednesday 5th January 2022 Start of Term 3
Thursday 10th February and Friday 11th February 2022 Occasional Day holidays
Monday 14th February 2022 Mid Term holiday
Tuesday 15th February and Wednesday 16th February 2022 In-Service Days – school closed to pupils
Friday 1st April 2022 End of Term 3
4th to 15th April 2022 Spring holiday
Monday 18th April 2022 Start of Term 4
Thursday 2nd June 2022 Public holiday – school closed
Friday 3rd June 2022 Public holiday – school closed
Monday 6th June 2022 Occasional Day holiday
Friday 1st July 2022 End of Term 4
4th July to 19th August 2022 Summer holiday

Contact Our School

Head Teacher: Angela Wotherspoon

Alford Academy
Alford Community Campus
Greystone Road
AB33 8TY

Telephone: 019755 20430

School Office opening hours are 8:15 am to 4pm Monday to Friday term time (you can leave a message on the answering machine or send an email outwith office hours).

Email: alford.aca@aberdeenshire.gov.uk