Useful Links (Parents)

Useful links for parents

Below are some useful links to find out in more detail what the Parent Council have been doing as well as giving detailed information on the School. We would strongly recommend that you ‘like’ the school facebook page and visit the School Blog regularly to find out what is happening at the school and with your children’s education.

School Facebook     

School Blog             

School Handbook    

Parent Council Agendas and Minutes        

Supporting your child to develop their study skills

The National Parent Forum of Scotland would like to draw your attention to their guides to support parents/carers and advise learners how to supplement their learning and revision in class and at home.

We recommend that you look at these useful resources by logging on to:

Click on the ‘For Learners’ tab at the top of the homepage to access the four following support guides:

  • Nationals in a Nutshell
  • Revision in a Nutshell
  • Highers in a Nutshell
  • New Higher Revision guides

SCHOLAR – National 5/ Higher/ Advanced Higher Study Support

Heriot Watt University provides extensive online, independent learning resources to supplement/complement many National courses. You can get more information about the Scholar resources by following the links below.

SCHOLAR Parent Leaflet 2018

Accessing SCHOLAR Leaflet 2018

Useful SQA Links

To access the section of the SQA’s website which is aimed at parents & carers, click here.

To view/download the SQA’s “Guide for Parents & Carers to the new National Qualifications”, click here.

All pupils sitting National Qualifications in 2018 should by now have received a booklet produced by SQA, and issued during Asssembly. This booklet can also be accessed electronically via the link below.

1.  Your Exams 2019    Download this booklet here