Online e-payments for school meals and HE, Art, Design & Technology course materials.

Payments are now due for pupils who study the following practical courses:- Art, Home Economics, Design & Technology.

The online payment for recoveries will go live on Wednesday 30th November.

Aberdeenshire Council has introduced a new way of accessing the online payment system, called Myaccount, which many parents and carers have already been using to pay for school meals.

A copy of the instruction letter on how to setup Myaccount issued with the recoveries letter can be found here :


A video has also been created on how to setup Myaccount and can be viewed below.

If you have any concerns or issues with this new process please contact the helpline on 03456 08 12 02.

For all school payments please go to  and select “School Meals”

Recoveries Charges Session 2016/2017

S1 Art and Design £5.00
S1 Technical £6.00
S1 Home Economics £10.00
S2 Art and Design £5.00
S2 Technical £6.00
S2 Home Economics £10.00
S3 Hospitality £36.00
S3 Art and Design £10.00
S3 Design and Manufacture £25.00
National 4, 5 and Higher Art £10.00
National 4, 5 Practical Woodworking £35.00
National 4, 5 Hospitality Practical Cookery £70.00
Advanced Higher Art and Design £20.00
Wider Achievement – Elementary Cooking Skills £20.00